Ours is a menagerie like no other.

Creatures of the sea that swim through the air. Stick insects the size of redwoods. Big cats with flowers instead of fur. Dr Tomorrow has made them all.

And more.

Children will love Lilliputia, our unique petting zoo. Deerwigs, punicorns, wooly mammoths that fit in a teacup—tiny hybrids made to be held in tiny hands.

And adults will love our big game enclosures, where the deadliest predators stalk the wiliest prey—while you watch from the safety of our camouflaged and armoured autohides.

Visit Tomorrow Island, where the future walks on all fours.



For extraordinary creatures,
you need an extraordinary habitat.

Tomorrow Island is comprised of an impossible variety of biomes. Grassy veldts, snowy uplands, steaming lagoons, towering forests, fathomless caves—in one 10-square-kilometre landmass. There’s nowhere else like it.

That’s because we made it ourselves. It’s the world’s first terraformed luxury resort—all the environments of earth, combined. A ticket to Tomorrow Island is a ticket to everywhere.



Newton. Einstein. Davy. Herschel. Darwin. Curie.
What did they ever do for you?

Dr Tomorrow is different. She wants to make your life better with bioengineering.

A single fish that feeds a family for life. A bird that sings your favourite song. A cat that actually likes you. For now, they live on her island. Soon, they’ll move into your home.

Come and see what Tomorrow has in store for you.



Bespoke hunting packages.

We offer bespoke packages for members of the Three Comma Club. Enjoy concierge service, luxury accommodation, five-star fusion food—and unique hunting opportunities.

These experiences are not available to the general public, and can only be arranged via offshore bank transfer. Contact us via Gold Web for more information.