The History of Tomorrow

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Hello, I'm Felix the Double Helix.

And I'm going to tell you all about Tomorrow Island. Ready? Here goes!

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Dr Tomorrow had a dream.

But it wasn’t the dream that interested her. It was the bit before the dream, when she was counting sheep. Wouldn’t this be better, she thought, if the sheep could fly? And now they can.

Dr Tomorrow gets things done.

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But how did she do it?

First, she tried something called tissue grafting, which is stitching part of one animal to another animal. It didn’t work very well.

We all make mistakes!

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So Dr Tomorrow thought, what about evolution?

That makes animals change. It’s amazing!

But it’s also kind of slow. Dr Tomorrow is not a patient woman. He can’t wait for tomorrow to come! That’s how she got her nickname.

Web Illustration- Felix on the operating table v01.png

Dr Tomorrow decided to do what evolution does...

which is changing genes, only faster. That’s where I come in!

Web Illustration- Rat with pig tail v01.png

At first, the hybrids we made were really simple.

Web Illustration- Rat with spider legs v01.png

But they soon got more adventurous!

Web Illustration- Winged spider pig rat hybrid v01.png

These days, the sky’s the limit…

Unless you're Dr Tomorrow!

Web Illustration- Pick n Mix.png

It used to take ages to make a hybrid, but now it’s much easier.

We just choose the bits of animals we want, and smoosh them together with science. It’s like a pick n’ mix, only much more fun!

Web Illustration- Sad tortoise.png

And we’re not just making hybrids so you can shoot them with rifles (although that is brilliant!)

We’re doing it to make animals’ lives easier.

You see, there’s not a problem Dr Tomorrow can’t fix…

Web Illustration- Happy tortoise.png

She can do it in the mix!

Web Illustration- Dr Tomorrow Summons Island.png

Now that the science was sorted, all Dr Tomorrow needed was a place with lots of different habitats for all the different hybrids.

Not many of those lying around! So she made one. 

That’s where you come in!



Why hunting is brilliant

1. It stops the island getting too busy.

This is called ‘culling’. We do it so we don’t have too much of any one kind of hybrid.

Maybe we should try the same thing with humans!


2. The hybrids have a great time too.

Imagine you’re playing hide and seek. Who has fun, the hider or the seeker?


3. Nothing is wasted.

-Our on-site taxidermists will stuff and mount your prey…or make you a fashionable hat!

Looking good!

-And our on-site chefs will cook up your kill.

Now that’s what I call fusion food!


Safety First

  • Obey the height restrictions, or your safari might be cut short!
  • Don’t forget your mosquito repellent… they get pretty big around here!
  • Don’t take food into the enclosures… unless you want to share!
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover… or it might be ‘the end’ of you!
  • Keep your hands inside the vehicle… or wave them goodbye!
  • Don’t climb the trees. They might not be trees.
  • Don’t walk on the grass… Seriously.


"Isn’t it unnatural?"

No! Mother nature’s getting on a bit… we’re just giving her a helping hand!

"Do you care about the environment?"

Do we ever! All our food is grown on site, and we’re entirely powered by our hybrids!

"Could you make a human crossed with an animal?"

You mean a humanimal? Sure. Dr Tomorrow can do anything. But just because she can, doesn’t mean she would. Dr Tomorrow thinks mankind is dangerous enough as it is.